Design Portfolio

FSAE | Carbon-Fibre Undertray

Design and testing of an aerodynamically optimised undertray for an FSAE car. CFD analysis was performed in STAR-CCM+, and small-scale geometry validation was completed in a wind tunnel.

FSAE | Carbon-Fibre Bucket Seat

A lightweight, composite bucket seat for use in a formula-style racecar. Developed for use within the North American market, the design made extensive use of anthropometric and biomechanical data to optimise driver performance. Ranked Best Ergonomic System internationally in 2015

FSAE | Modular Driver Padding System

Using statistically correlated anthropometric data, developed a modular driver fitment system to accommodate our entire target market. This approach optimised our driver packaging system, without any need for custom seat molding. Ranked 'Best Ergonomic Design' at competitions in 2016.

FSAE | Steering Wheel

Expansion of the steering wheel geometry to accommodate use by the 95th percentile male driver. These modifications allowed for overall optimisation of driver positioning, and allowed larger drivers to set consistent laptimes for longer durations of time.

FSAE | Vehicle & Sponsor Aesthetics

With a focus on algorithmically distributing sponsor logos, designed vehicle aesthetics for our formula-style racecar. Vehicle segments were divided into high/low visibility regions, and sponsors were distributed based on the shape of their logo, and monetary contribution level.

Semi-Autonomous Recovery Robot Prototype

As part of an academic course, designed a prototype of a semi-autonomous robot to extract radioactive material from a debris zone. The objective was to traverse a simulated mining site, search for and extract items of interest, and deposit them outside the site in a safe zone. Control logic was kept simple, with a focus on reliability. The final prototype functioned well, successfully meeting engineering requirements.

Obstacle Detection System for Rollators

Built using an Arduino Uno, designed a rollator prototype to reduce the risk of falling in elderly citizens. The design included range, force and movement sensors that work in conjunction to warn the user of any hazards detected in front of a mobile rollator. Force and accelerometer sensors reduce false alarms and improve usability among the senior target market.

Dual Position Seating - Reclined

Dual-Position Composite Slab Seating

In the mold of simple, low-cost IKEA™ furniture, the chair is a flat-packed unit designed to be assembled within 20 seconds. It can be flipped to assume two different seating positions. Each piece of this seating unit is a lightweight composite slab, made of MDF and cardboard (both recycled materials).

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

A wall-mounted bottle opener designed for residential bars and kitchens. Outer shell made of High Density Polyethylene (HDP), with the opener made either of a hardwood or cast aluminium. Symmetrical geometry allows the centre-piece to slide up and release collected bottle caps.

Wheelchair Attachment for Rehabilitation

With a focus towards giving patients control over their own rehabilitation, designed a wheelchair attachment that replicated Continuous Passive Motion therapy. It was meant as a therapeutic device to reduce seat sores and muscle atrophy, as well as patients' reliance on nurse-aided therapy, allowing them to independently work on their own bodies outside a hospital environment.

FSAE | T-Shirt Design

Designed work-shirts representing our world-beating racecar, and team ethic of 'Excellence, Endurance, Enthusiasm'. This season represented our elevation into the top ten teams worldwide, as well as placed us firmly as the one of the top teams in North America. It was also the first year we competed in Europe, placing 6th out of 120 teams. The shirt front includes a wireframe rendered in Solidworks, while the back shows a world map, and pins in the countries we competed in.

Mac-Windows Bootscreen

A bootscreen based on the Mac's default aesthetic. Designed with only 2 colours, this bootscreen was tested on and intended for use with TuneUp Styler 2009.

Appows2010 Logon Theme

A Windows login theme designed in line with Aaron-a-Arts' Appows LiteStep Theme. Tested and implemented with LogonStudio 1.0.

Appows2010 Launchy Skins

Designed dark skinpack for Launchy, based on Appows2010 Litestep theme by Aaron-A-Arts.

Minimal Recycling Bin Icon

A minimalist take on the recycling bin icon, designed for use with custom docking programs (eg. RocketDock). Icon switches on/off with the bin, and encourages users to empty the trash.