Semi-Autonomous Recovery Robot Prototype

  • Robot prototype on track
  • Robot prototype on track | Side Profile
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • 3D Print of GRIP-002 | Comparisons of Rev A. and Rev B.
  • Exploded View Drawing | LIFTING-001-1
  • Assembly View Drawing | LIFTING-001-1
  • PIC Micro Pin Layout

Project Description

As part of an academic course, designed a prototype of a semi-autonomous robot to extract radioactive material from a debris zone. The objective was to traverse a simulated mining site, search for and extract items of interest, and deposit them outside the site in a safe zone.

A wireless comm system was developed using a PIC24H microcontroller and a Bluetooth HC-05 couple. Drive system and chassis were built using a combination of VEX system components and 3D printed components. Any custom components were designed on SolidWorks.

Control logic was kept simple, with a focus on reliability. The final prototype functioned well, successfully meeting engineering requirements.

Full Technical Report (PDF)

Project Details




  • PIC Microcontroller
  • C
  • 3D Printing
  • SolidWorks

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