Dual-Position Composite Slab Seating

Project Description

In the mold of simple, low-cost IKEA™ furniture, the chair is a flat-packed unit, designed to be assembled and taken down within 20 seconds by a single user. The seat can be flipped to assume a second, more reclined and comfortable position for the user, with the upright position being optimal for laptop use.

Each piece of this seating unit is a lightweight composite slab, and was designed with sustainability in mind. The core of the composite consists of discarded card tubes, usually used to transport fabric, while the outer skin and side edging are made of MDF. Both the core and skin are recyclable. Though it cannot be removed and recycled itself, the presence of PVA adhesive in the composite does not hinder the decomposition of the other chair materials.

Project Details


  • Human Factors
  • Anthropometrics
  • Furniture Design
  • UX Design
  • Sustainable

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